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YMCA Invercargill Charitable Trust is governed by our Board of Directors who have a very diverse background in industry fields. The role of the Board, on behalf of the Association Members and stakeholders, is to ensure that YMCA Invercargill works towards achieving its mission. The Board is also responsible for the development of strategic directions and goals and the provision of leadership in achieving these.

Introducing the Invercargill YMCA Board

Sarah McKenzie - Chair

Sarah joined the YMCA Board of Directors in 2006 and was appointed to the role of Chair in 2019. Sarah is a Partner at Preston Russell Law and she brings a broad range of legal skills and knowledge to the Board table. Her knowledge in respect of employment and commercial law is of particular assistance.

Mark Bain - Director

Mark joined the YMCA Board in 2011. Mark is a Chartered Accountant and Business Advisor and is a Partner of McCulloch + Partners. In 2018, he became a Fellow of the Chartered Accountants Australia New Zealand. Mark advises a broad range of industries including commercial, rural, fishing and non-profit organisations. Mark specialises in Governance, Strategic and Succession Planning. Mark is a member of the New Zealand Institute of Directors.

Bridget-Mary McGown - Director

Bridget-Mary joined the YMCA in 2002. Working as a Programme Manager for Southern District Health Board, Bridget-Mary has a varied and wide background in health and community services. Bridget-Mary was announced as a life member in 2019 after significant service to the YMCA Invercargill.

Paul Rabbitt - Director

Paul’s involvement with the YMCA started in April 2000, when he joined the Southland YMCA Education Ltd. In 2003 he became the Chairman of Education and joined the Trust Board. Paul has an extensive practical background in property management and considerable experience in business.

Dave Madden - Director

Dave joined the YMCA Board of Directors in 1991. He represented YMCA Invercargill at YMCA World Alliance and World Urban Network July 2010 in Hong Kong, and found the conference to be a valuable experience. Dave is a supervisor with the Department of Corrections, with a strong background in Community Sport and Recreation.

Leisa Heffernan - Director

Leisa joined the YMCA Board in 2018. She had previously worked for the YMCA in 2010 as an Oscar co-ordinator and has 18 years experience spanning from government, defence, non-profit and the corporate world. She has worked with a wide spectrum of people and situations and specialises in greenfield roles with a keen eye for systems that create efficiencies making businesses and teams smarter. Leisa is currently a working mother of two daughters and has recently started a new business venture called Physaskill, focusing on helping businesses from the inside out.

Leisa brings a strong skillset to the YMCA Board including organisational development, human resource management, and health and safety.