We build strong kids
strong families strong communities

We work by the YMCA’s values and principles of Caring, Respect, Honesty and Responsibility to support children while they achieve their learning goals in a safe and nurturing environment.

Each child is different, a unique person in their own right. While they have commonalities, their uniqueness should be embraced and fostered. Through play they develop their own ideas, make their own choices, initiating their own discoveries.

Our friendly staff develop caring and trusting relationships with the children that will contribute to fostering the child’s education. Together an enriched learning environment is created.

We have many programmes that will suit your child.

We build strong kids strong families strong communities

Frequently Asked Questions


Can I collect my child early?

Yes you can, but we do encourage you to allow the kids to get the full experience of each day by letting them engage in each activity for as long as possible. However, if this becomes a regular pattern, it will affect our funding.