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Ready for a challenge? The Y Boot Camp is ready for you!

The Y Boot Camp is the perfect way to boost your fitness levels, with plenty of potential to push yourself.

  • 8 weeks
  • 5 sessions p/week (choose as many as you like)
  • Mix of indoor and outdoor sessions
  • Evolt 360 Body Scans pre and post programme, so you can track progress

The Y Boot Camp is an eight-week programme, bringing a group of like-minded people together to grit their teeth and push their bodies and abilities to the next level with five sessions weekly.

Starting 12th February, 2024, our trained instructors will put you through your paces - and then some - across various hard but fun activities that will keep you interested and invested.

An Evolt 360 Body Scan will help you set goals, and then we’ll help you work through everything - from circuit training to team-based activities to nutrition tips - to achieve them.

With indoor and outdoor locations on the programme, if you’re ready for a challenge to get your 2024 fitness goals off on the right foot, give the Y Boot Camp a go!

Days and times

There are five session per week - you can choose all or as many as you like, but we ask that you commit to attend at least two for better results.

  • Mondays 6pm (at the Y)
  • Tuesdays 6am (HIIT at the Y)
  • Wednesdays 6pm (outdoor)*
  • Thursdays 6am (HIIT at the Y)
  • Saturdays 9am to 10.30am (outdoors)*

Outdoor sessions will be at a range of different locations, all around the Invercargill or Otatara areas. Saturday sessions will also include nutrition tips and info.
*Location will depend on weather

Starts Monday 12th February, 2024.


Y Members

  • Individual (16y/o+) - $29.95 p/week plus usual gym membership OR $239.60 plus usual gym membership
  • Family (12y/o +)- $40 p/week plus usual gym membership OR $320 plus usual gym membership
    Note: Due to the nature of the workouts in the Boot Camp, participants younger than 16 years old should be accompanied by a responsible adult who is also involved in the programme


  • Individual (16y/o+) - $45 p/week (includes 24/7 Y gym membership for eight weeks)

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Note that we are running restricted staff hours from 22 December to 8 January, but we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.