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Group Fitness Timetable

Our group fitness classes are free for all Y members.

Whether you want to build strength, improve fitness, improve your speed and agility or just add fun to your fitness, there is something for you.

NOTE: From Saturday 14th October, Saturday Y-Cycle will be at 10am not 10.15am.

Bookings for all classes are highly recommended. Phone 03 218 2989 or email Enable JavaScript to view protected content..


Our spin classes are unique. Using Coach by Colour, your spin class is tailored to you and your ability. It’s perfect for the seasoned cyclist or the true beginner, because the settings adjust to you. Add some fun and colour to your workout!


High intensity, circuit-based workouts.

Y-Muscle Fit

Designed to help build lean muscle mass, get toned and fit. Set the weights to suit you.

Y-Box Fit

Get fit fast with a boxing-based workout


Traditional Pilates combined with breathing and meditation techniques, taken by a certified Pilates instructor. *Please bring your own mat

Senior Group Fitness

Our senior group fitness classes cater for a wide range of ages and abilities.

They are free for all Y members, but available for any community member to attend.

Give them a go, meet others and enjoy being active together.

Easy Combo

A combination of aerobics light weight training and balance.

Cardiac Club

A circuit-based class to improve aerobic fitness, strength and balance. This is a fun class for anyone, and offers cardiac benefits.

Falls Prevention

A strength and exercise class for those aged 65+.

Y Sit and Be Fit

Seat-based exercises to get your heart rate up while minimising the stress and impact on your body Take your physical activity easy, but still enjoy its benefits with this low-impact class.