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Positive Change from Jumpstart!

Jumpstart participant Maureen Calvert Jumpstart participant Maureen Calvert

Diabetes has reached epidemic proportions in New Zealand, with over 260,000 being diagnosed with diabetes and many more at risk for type 2 diabetes or pre-diabetes. To try and assist sufferers or those at risk to the disease, YMCA founded the programme in 2014 with Pharmaco NZ and launched from Auckland. Based on the success of this, YMCA Invercargill launched it’s own Jumpstart programme in February 2017.

Over the course of the first 10 week Jumpstart programme, the participants attended group sessions, one-on-one sessions, had programmes designed for them based on their health and wellness goals, and attended the gym themselves. They were monitored carefully during this time and assessed midway & at the end of the 10 week cycle. The YMCA is a very open and inclusive environment so people who may never have stepped in a gym feel supported not just by our instructors, but also by the other people much like themselves who may be dealing with diabetes or other health related issues.

One of the many success stories from the Jumpstart programme has been Maureen Calvert, who at the young age of 71 has been diabetic for nearly 30 years.

Maureen told us, “I have managed to keep a reasonably healthy lifestyle, watching my carbs but the weight sneaked up over the years and in recent times problems have arisen. I have always been a walker and swimmer but no matter what I did I still didn’t seem to be on top of the diabetes.”

Maureen began the programme in February and has been able to report some fantastic changes to her health and lifestyle. “Joining Jump Start has been just the best thing for me. Under the tuition and encouragement of Dave (Cheyne) I have managed to lose 5.5 kg and bring my Hba1C down 7 points. I have also been able to reduce my Lantus and Nova Rapid. His education on healthy eating and the benefits of exercise has motivated me hugely. The weekly meetings have been a place to learn more about the disease, food advice and motivation and Dave has always been open to questions asked. He has been very encouraging.”

Maureen told us that she felt at her age the programme was very beneficial for her and that ‘many others would benefit from Jumpstart’ as well. We agree with Maureen!

For more information on how Jumpstart can help you, a friend or member of your family, please go to www.jumpstartprogramme.co.nz or call YMCA Recreation on 03 2182989 Extn 0 and we will be happy to help.