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Red Light Therapy Now Available At The Y

Have you heard about the benefits of Red Light Therapy? Have you heard about the benefits of Red Light Therapy?

We’ve just invested in some red light therapy which according to the science is reported to help with the following:

• Slow and restore hair loss

• Improve symptoms of fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue

• Improve thyroid problems

• Increase recovery for muscles and joints

• Assist with improving anxiety and depression

• Improve cognition

• Increase energy

• Decrease fine wrinkles

• Increase skin collagen build up in the skin

So far our members have had the below listed results:

• chest acne cleared up

• increase in energy

• less stressed

• more balanced energy

• improved skin tone

• helped recover from stroke

About our lamps

Lamp Power 300W *3

Consumption 100W

Led Qty 60 PCS 5W Leds

Dimensions 310*210*65mm

Net weight 3kg

Beam angle 60 Degree

Wavelength 660nm:850nm = 1:1 (customized)

We also have an informative PDF detailing red light therapy here.

Special Offer

If you join the YMCA on an annual gym membership during the month of November 2018 we’ll give you 10 free red light therapy sessions!

If you are already a gym member we’d love to give you a few red light therapy sessions so you can try it out!


For 30 min sessions:

• Non-member casual use $13.50

• Non-members concession $90.00 (10 x concession card)

• Members rate $5.00 per session

Call into reception for more info or to book.