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Get a sweat up with friends and other members! Group exercise is a fun social way to work out. We keep our classes fresh with radical fitness. We have a range of options and change our schedule regularly to keep things fresh and fun.

What we can offer

Group classes:

Spin*: A low impact but high intensity class on a stationary bike. Perfect for complete beginners or
advanced spinners. *Booking essential

Y-Fit: A circuit style class combining simple weights and high energy cardio

Power: Provides weight training for toning, muscle endurance, strength and calorie burning

Cardio Power: Power Class incorporating two aerobic tracks

Y-Flow: Combining yoga, pilates and tai chi, this invigorating class caters for all levels and works the whole body

Senior Classes:

Silver Circuit: A class offered specifically for those suffering Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease or
other restrictions in breathing function. All participants work within their own capability

Easy Combo: A low impact aerobic class suitable for older adults

Cardiac Club: A full body workout to improve aerobic fitness, strength and balance.

Whether you have medical problems or not, this class is great for older adults

Falls Prevention: Strength and exercise class for those aged 65+.
Transport to and from the class may also be available

Chair Yoga: Gentle yoga stretching using a chair for support.
Designed to improve breathing, balance and mobility

To make a booking or any other enquiries,
phone (03) 218 2989 (ext 0) or email Enable JavaScript to view protected content.