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21 Day Correcting Muscle Imbalance programme

The 21-days Correcting Muscle Imbalance programme is an opportunity to learn how to reduce discomfort in muscles and joints, by learning how to correct your faulty movement patterns and muscle imbalances via a functional kinetic chain assessment.

During the 21-days programme you will receive:

  • Your own assessment and exercise programme
  • 21-days access to the gym and all the facilities
  • 3 seminars on correcting muscle imbalances
  • Instruction on how to identify and correct muscle imbalances
  • Instruction on how to identify and correct faulty movement patterns
  • Videos, pictures and written instruction on corrective stretches and exercises
  • Instructions on how to use a foam roller for releasing tight muscles Instruction on assessing flexibility

This programme is for anyone who experiences muscle / joint discomfort, wants to improve performance either in the garden, playing with kids, on the sports field or just feel better in active daily life activities.

If you’ve experienced muscle and/or joint discomfort and want help to make improvements, then contact us today!

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