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21 Day Ketogenic programme

If you want to:

  • Loose weight
  • Teach your body to use fat as your fuel of choice
  • Have more energy
  • Lower blood sugar levels
  • Manage insulin levels better

Then the 21 Day Ketogenic is the plan for you.

On the 21 Day Ketogenic plan, you will receive:

  • Ketogenic manual
  • Menu
  • Recipes
  • Education about what ketosis is and its benefits

Most of us use carbohydrates as our primary source of fuel which can lead to highs and lows of blood sugar levels making it a challenge to keep on top of insulin levels.

By asking our bodies to switch fuel sources from carbohydrates to using fat as a fuel source we can achieve several things:

  • Ask our body to burn (body) fat as fuel
  • Decrease the need for as much insulin
  • Have higher levels of energy throughout the day
  • Sleep better
  • Have a healthier gut and cleaner liver by not needing to eat so frequently

The benefits of being in a state of ketosis are ongoing, however, it is important to understand that just as we all look different on the outside, we all function differently on the inside. There is no one right way for us all to eat and there is no one right way for any one person to eat all the time. What is right for one person can often be wrong for another.

To find out if a ketogenic eating plan is right for you, how long you could/ should be in ketosis please email me directly for a free 30 min consult to discuss your specific needs.

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