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At Invercargill YMCA, we work with you to help you complete your unique health and wellness goals. Below is some of the feedback we regularly recieve from clients.


Richard has had amazing success with the Kickoff programme, and continues to challenge his health and wellness goals.

“I’ve just completed the YMCA Kickoff programme and my results have been nothing short of fantastic!! Through the combination of the Kickoff programme, the intermittent fasting programme, the support of my GP and all of the fantastic staff at the YMCA (especially Suvi and Dave) I have managed to loose 14kg, and best of all, I’ve reduced my insulin intake to zero.

Not having to take any insulin is a major achievement for me as previous to this my insulin intake was 90 units a day. I’ve lost 5 cm around my chest and 16 cm around my abdomen. The education, support and motivation on the Kickoff program has been fantastic! I fully recommend the YMCA Kickoff program to anyone who is interested in learning about and achieving their health and wellness goals and might need a little bit of support along the the way.”

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“I have just completed the YMCA’s 10 week Kickoff programme. I’ve met some great people on the programme and I created some great lasting lifestyle habits based on the education I received around nutrition, exercise etc. I lost 6kg, my aches and pains have gone, I have great energy and best of all I am sleeping a whole lot better. The sleeping is really important to me as I’m a shift worker. If you are looking for some great support, motivation and education on how best to achieve your health and fitness goals then the YMCA Kickoff programme is for you.”

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YMCA has also been the vehicle for me to do some training in close combat self-defence and in also that context experience grappling/wrestling and boxing. (A real learning curve for someone unused to contact sports and a useful life experience).

People are what makes the YMCA different from other gyms. Over the years YMCA people have challenged me, taught me, encouraged me and become my friends. People that come to mind especially are Emmy, Anton, Alan, Rikki, Ellen, and more recently Dave and Suvi. The atmosphere in the gym is always friendly and inclusive. I have made lifelong friends through the YMCA.

Now, I’m enjoying sharing some of this experience with others as a part time “Spin” instructor and also as a YMCA volunteer organising and running group cycle trips. (I really appreciate that the “Y” is broad minded enough to employ a 67-year-old spin instructor!)

Looking ahead, I know that the best way to combat some of the physical challenges of age is to keep going regardless – with enthusiasm, energy and passion – and regular gym training is the best foundation for that!

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I recently completed the YMCA Kickoff program and it was great! Especially the education component. My aches and pains have decreased, and I feel so much more confident and comfortable in my day to day movements that I have decided to challenge myself by doing the Humpridge track next week! I have been a gym member in the past at other gyms and was a bit hesitant at joining another gym. However, I was pleasantly surprised with YMCA’s warm and welcoming approach, they provided me with full assessment and a truly individualised program to suit my specific needs. I feel very comfortable at the YMCA, members are very friendly and the Y team always makes sure that members get what they need.

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“In my life long ambition to becoming a Police Officer, I decided I needed some encouragement and assistance to improve my health and fitness, so I joined the YMCA Kickoff programme.It has motivated me to excel in my training and work even harder then I thought I would! The Kickoff programme is perfect for anyone looking for a kick in the right direction in living a healthier life. I recommend this programme to anyone who’s looking for motivation and or support. Even though the programme has finished Dave and Suvi still ask if they can be of assistance when they see me on the gym floor.”

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Maureen had great success with our Jumpstart Diabetes Programme last year.

“I have been a type two diabetic for close to 30 years. Have managed to keep a reasonably healthy lifestyle, watching my carbs but the weight sneaked up over the years and in recent times problems have arisen. I have always been a walker and swimmer but no matter what I did I still didn’t seem to be on top of the diabetes. Joining Jump Start has been just the best thing for me. Under the tuition and encouragement of Dave I have managed to lose 5.5 kg and bring my Hba1C down 7 points. I have also been able to reduce my Lantus and Nova Rapid. His education on healthy eating and the benefits of exercise has motivated me hugely. The weekly meetings have been a place to learn more about the disease, food advice and motivation and Dave has always been open to questions asked. He has been very encouraging. For me, at 71 years of age this course has been very beneficial and many others would benefit from it. Well done Dave!”

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“We joined the YMCA on a family membership about a year ago and think we’ve been getting great value for money.

All three of us can use any of the gym facilities whenever we want to and it’s all included in the membership. We use a combination of resistance training and spin classes to achieve our goals and what’s probably the best thing about that combination is that we never have to wait to get on any of the equipment - plenty of gear and space at the Y.

Love the fact that both my wife and daughter are comfortable training in all areas of the gym, from the stretching area to the weights section. Also really enjoy the ‘whole life’ emphasis that the Y offers, there is a real focus on the health side of fitness that many other facilities I have previously used have lacked the expertise or focus.

This year we started on the fasting programme and to date we’ve managed to lose 20 kg between us. It’s getting to the point where if I turn side on you can’t see me!”

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“My name is Dot and I have had a condition called Fibromyalgia for the last 18 years. For those who are not sure what Fibromyalgia is, it is a long-term condition characterized by symptoms of widespread muscle and joint pain, stiffness and extreme fatigue.

I have tried different exercises and treatments over the …past 18 years until I came across YMCA and decided to try the gym and personal trainer suggested by the Osteopath on site.
Suvi, my personal trainer, set up a personalised programme for my condition which involved lots of muscle stretching and strengthening without causing me fatigue during my workouts. When I had a few minor setbacks in winter, that’s when my condition affects me most in the calendar year, Suvi changed my programme to suit my abilities. It was suggested for me to use the Sauna there to help relax the muscles which helped me feel good throughout the winters. I have noticed a big improvement in my condition as well as an increase in physical strength that I hadn’t had in the past.

Suvi has given me a better understanding of how my body works, how to stretch and exercise properly and I’m really enjoying the results I’m getting and wouldn’t want to stop!”

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“Hi Abdullah here. I have just completed the YMCA Kickoff programme which has helped me lose a total of 14kg, increase my energy levels and lower my blood sugar levels and as a type 2 diabetic that’s really important to me. I really enjoyed the programme and the people on it. I learned a lot about what I can do to improve my own health and wellness which is very empowering. I even gained a new training buddy who helps keep me coming to the gym and keeps me honest while I’m here.”

For more information about Kickoff click here or contact us directly.

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