We build strong kids
strong families strong communities

Here at the YMCA, we build strong kids, strong families and strong communities and we always welcome new members.

Thinking of joining?

Your fitness and wellbeing journey is why we are here, it is what we do. People come first in our business and we are set up with that in mind. Here’s how:

Support: Not only do we have great staff that walk the floor and ensure you’re exercising at your best, we include assessments and programming in your membership. This means you get the guidance and support you need from our friendly and enthusiastic instructors. Because it’s always better when you know what you’re doing.

Space: To get the most out of your training sometimes less is more, we have the gear you need to get the results you want but also the space to use it.

Training gear: We have progressed and sharpened our focus recently. We have improved the quality of our training equipment and the range. Whether your training focus is aesthetics, health or performance we have you covered.

Group Fitness: Get a sweat up with friends. Group exercise is a fun, social way to work out. We keep our classes fresh with radical fitness and best of all our aerobic classes are included in your membership.

When you join our gym we offer a 21 day new member programme where we can assess your current health and fitness status and then ensure you get started with the correct exercise programme for you. We will guide you through your new exercise programme and then monitor your gym activity to make sure you are achieving your results and maximising the use of your membership. We will even reward you with a gift once you have achieved your first 21 days of attendance to the gym. Sounds good? Join us today to start creating a healthier you!

Already and experienced gym member and just want to get started? Go for it! Just let us know when and where we can be of service to you.