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Personal training is a fantastic way to get the results you want with safe and professional guidance. Whether you are starting out or in need of some fresh fitness ideas, the support, knowledge and motivation our personal trainers offer is invaluable. Everyone’s needs are different and it’s important to find a trainer you connect with. Contact our Personal Trainers by calling (03) 218 2989, coming to our Recreation Centre on Tay Street or via their personal emails listed with their profiles.

Meet our Team

Dave Cheyne

I am in the business of helping people become fit, happy and healthy so that they may consciously evolve and thrive in their own healt h and wellness. I believe this is best done in an education based process. Give a person a fish, feed them for a day, but teach a person to fish and you help feed them for a lifetime.

Qualifications: Bachelor of Physical Education (Otago), Corrective Holistic Exercise Kinesiology CHEK Level 2, Nutritional and Holistic Lifestyle Coach HLC Level 2, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition.

Experience: Over 20 years experience in the fitness industry, Personal Training trainer, Personal T raining manager for Les Mills and Fitness First Australia, Personal Training facilitator for Les Mills New Zealand, various sports including rugby, body building and multi-sports.

Specialities: End stage rehabilitation, corrective exercise specialist, functional movement specialist, nutrition and lifestyle programmes, functional diagnostic nutrition, supplementation.

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Suyash Pawar (SUVI)

Keeping fit and active is a great way to live longer, healthier and have more fun in life! “I believe that everybody can be happy with their bodies, free from pain and full of life. This can be best achieved through tailormade exercise programmes and finely tuned nutritional plans.”

Qualifications: Bachelor of Sport and Exercise (New Zealand), Diploma in Fitness (Australia), Certificate III and IV in Fitness (Australia), Strength and Conditioning Coach (ASCA).

Experience: Overall 5 years of industry experience, Strength and Conditioning Coach - Rugby Southland (Stags), The Cycling Club of Baroda (India), Baroda Road Runners (India), Personal Training - Bootcamps Australia, Sydney Health Educators, Reclaim Fitness (India), Australian Track and Field Club Coach (Athletics Australia), Bootcamp Group Training - Melissa Fitness (Invercargill).

Specialities: High performance analyst, core conditioning, power, strength and functional training, shredding fat and toning m uscles, postural correction, rehabilitation post injury and injury prevention, flexibility and mobility.

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Vikas Chauhan (LUCKY)

I believe my purpose in life is to help people with their health and wellness. I love empowering clients with the physical achievement of their health and wellness goals and watching how the physical work I do with clients positively impacts their physical, emotional and mental wellbeing.

Qualifications: Sport and Exercise Level 7 (New Zealand), Master of Physical Education (India), Bachelor of Physical Education (India)

Experience: Over 7 years in the industry – gym assistant. Worked in the fitness industry with: Southland rugby teams; kids for Colgate athletics events; Indian IPL team and players Siddarth Kaul and Gurkreet Singh Maan; Paralympic javelin athlete Narender Ranbir; and as a trainer with the CAG cricket team.

Specialties: Stretch therapy and posture correction, motor skill development for children and sportsmen, sports specific training –
conditioning and injury prevention, functional and manual mobilization training, weight loss, yoga for sports,
pre-rehabilitation and rehabilitation.

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Mila Laverty

“It doesn’t matter how slow you jog - you’re lapping everyone on the couch.”

Qualifications: Bachelor in Teaching, Diploma in Sport and Recreation, Bachelor in Sport and Exercise, Les Mills, Radical Fitness.

Experience: Over 7 years in the industry - group fitness training, mature age population, cardiac rehabilitation

Specialities: Females, weight loss, core strength and stability, flexibility, functional training.

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Stephanie West

I have always enjoyed participating in sport, which influenced me to pursue a career in the sport and exercise industry. I am a positive, outgoing person, highly motivated, enthusiastic and energetic. I am passionate about health and wellbeing and improving the everyday life of the average kiwi to achieve their goals.

Qualifications: Bachelor of Exercise, Sports and Rehabilitation, First Aid Certificate

Experience: Several years personal training, boot camp instructor

Specialties: Weight loss, firming and toning, functional training, training programmes

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Nachiket Agashe (Nachi)

My professional mission is to teach people precise method to achieve their desired physical performance & psychological wellness through which one can improve quality of life & attain longevity. I believe in the process, persistence & smart work. “Train your mind as a tool to train your body.”

Qualifications: Sports and Exercise - Level 7 (New Zealand), Advanced personal trainer for special population (India), CSCC (Strength & conditioning coach, Australia), Yoga Instructor (India), Ayurvedic and Sports Nutrition (India), Kettle-bell trainer (India).

Experience: Online & Freelance personal training for athletes & special population (more than 5 years), Sports specific strength and conditioning coach (India), Sports & exercise curriculum developer for schools (India), Master/ Lead trainer: trained untutored sports & fitness coaches (India).

Specialties: Meditative resistance training, Fat loss, Functional/ HIIT training, Mobility and posture correction, Sports specific conditioning.

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Prashant Rajawat

My core belief is “the biggest treasure of a human being is his/her physical and mental wellbeing and each one of us can achieve it
through individualized guidance”. I have made this my life’s goal to help each person I can, so that they can achieve this treasure
and redefine their impossible.

Qualifications: Sports and Exercise - Level 7 (New Zealand), Mountaineering & Outdoor Instructor level – 3 (India), Class 3 certified white-water kayaker level – 1 (India)

Experience: 4 Years of total experience in fitness and outdoors, 3.5 years as Physical education instructor, Fitness programme developer at school in India, 2 years of Mountaineering experience in Himalayas and Outdoor Training (India).

Specialties: Functional Body weight Training, Body building, Fat loss & Strength Training, Functional Outdoor/ HIIT Training, Sport Specific Performance Training, Flexibility & Mobility.

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