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Youth Leadership Programme

  • Want fun new experiences?
  • Want confidence?
  • Want to meet people?
  • Want life skills?

The YMCA’s Youth Leadership Programme is for you!

“To empower young people to make a difference in their lives and the lives of others by providing the place, the tools and the support to positively strengthen their own identity”

The YMCA Youth Leadership Programme has been running in Southland for over 10 years and offers young people an opportunity to develop personal and group skills in a programme which combines recreation, education and fun while being underpinned by the YMCA’s four core values of honest, respect, caring and responsibility.

It aims to present challenges and adventure for its participants to improve their self-confidence and to help them make the most of their personal strengths and abilities. It also provides safe, controlled opportunities for participants to be themselves, improve their social skills and take on leadership roles.

Weekly sessions run for 1.5 hours, after school, during the school terms.

Level 1 (11-13 year olds)

Is about having fun, making new friends and trying out different activities

Level 2 (14 year olds)

Build on the experiences from L1 and looks to help you realise how capable and talented you are. Fun is still a big factor but trips become more adventurous.

Level 3 (15 year olds)

Taking ownership and stepping up. More choices about the activities you want to do, with some group projects to work on.

Level 4 (16-18 year olds)

Your year to make things happen. As a group you choose, plan and organise all the activities and camps you want to do during the year. Finishing with a 5-6 day expedition.

Programme Costs

Course Fees — $200

Easy Pay options and some subsidies are available. We do not want cost to be a barrier.

There may be additional costs for any out of town camps attended.


YMCA Recreation Youth Development – Tony Shore

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Phone: 03 2182989 ext 1 or 0272381698